Our Poetry Creations


I was studying a sleeping lion’s feet, when he woke,
His roar induced total paralysis!
But he relaxed – and then so did I,
When I told him: “Its just claws analysis.”


An alpaca’s coat is as soft as can be,
The jackets are really expensive,
It takes them ten years to grow it so long,
Which is why, when approached, they’re defensive.


A flamingo’s knees bend the other way,
For us humans we’d not get very far,
These beautiful birds seem to manage quite well,
But then they’ll never need drive a car!

A Woodlouse

Two woodlice – address ‘MCC’,
Were lonely in lockdown, like me.
They attempted reform – a new movement was born!
But they were expelled.

Athur Opoda & Milly Peed