Poems by you, for you

See below for poems written by you, our valued audience.

A Giraffe’s Nose  pexels-photo-802112.jpeg

A Giraffe is tall and so his nose
Is not the right height to smell a rose,
But when it comes to nibbling trees,
The highest leaves are eaten with ease.
(A Stone)

An Elephant’s Toes  pexels-photo-133393.jpeg

An elephant’s toes are big and clumpy,
And if he trips he gets all grumpy!
But his toes are strong and can walk for miles,
And when he’s walking, he’s full of smiles.
(A Stone)

Owls’ Wings  animal animal photography avian beak

Owls’ Wings
Wisdomous & Wise
Looks Like
Owls (are) on the Rise…
(Tara G)