What’s it all about?

This website is about using short poems to make people smile – simple as that. It’s also about encouraging people from 2 to 102 to have a go at writing their own poem.

We started with animals’ tails, which is a bit behind, but we are now working on toes, noses, claws, paws, ears…. anything that makes an animal interesting.

We’ve published a proper book of poetry, “Animals’ Tails”, which you can order from us. The ten poems are in English, Welsh and Mandarin and there is a little bit of a story about each animal.

If you want to write a poem in your own language, please send it to us in English as well.

Have a look at some of the poems in our collection and have a go at writing one yourself.

For every poem we publish, we will make a donation to London Zoo, which works really hard to conserve all sorts of animals.

We are working on an annual Animal Tails Convention and poetry reading, which may be held in London or in a rain forest. We’ll let you know!

In the meantime, write summat yourself and send it in!